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ice gel pack and dry ice substitute   thermafreeze fda approved

For Commercial Applications

ThermaFreeze pads are configured to keep payloads within a designated critical temperature range over a specified transit time provided by the shipper.

Subsequent to extensive testing and years of successful use (Since 2008), we are confident that this product (if prepared and use correctly) will keep your products Frozen for at least 48 hours or chilled for 72 Hours.

ice gel packs and polyboxes
As it is designed to be Neutral it does not attract the prohibitions and expense of using Dry Ice, which is now catagorised as Dangerous Goods.

ThermaFreeze pads can go into coolers. They are flexible and can be wrapped around bottles and cans. ThermaFreeze provides unparalleled cooling power, unlike any product on the market.

ThermaFreeze pads are manufactured dry, in rolls measuring 6 cells x 1500 cells. Individual cells measure 2.5" x 2.5", laminated together in a waffle pattern. The pads are constructed with a plastic film on one side and a non-woven fabric on the reverse.

A 6-cell x 4-cell pad, measures 15" x 10" and weighs one ounce when dry. Each cell contains a biodegradable, non-toxic, crystallized polymer compound that absorbs water on contact, and holds the water in a gel-like state.

When hydrated, the pad weighs 24 ounces. Hydration takes only seconds per pad and is done by soaking or spraying the cloth side of the pad with water.

Once hydrated, it is ready to be placed in a freezer and will be fully frozen in approximately 6/8 hours. When used as a hot compress application, it can be placed in a standard microwave for approximately 30 seconds and is ready for use.

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