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The Best Ice Substitute in the World!

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the best ice and dry ice substitute


The sheets are dry and made up of 3 thin pieces of material. It can be stored efficiently, freeing up cabinet or freezer space. The ice gel pads are hydrated and then frozen.

The unique properties of ThermaFreeze provide greater temperature control in the shipment of perishables, greatly reducing food, or temperature sensitive product spoilage.

When gel pad sheets are used in packaging it provides longer cooling time than ice, or ice bricks. It also may be refrozen and reused many times!
The best reusable ice packs.

For commercial applications, ThermaFreeze pads are configured to keep payloads within a designated critical temperature range over a specified transit time provided by the shipper. 
They are flexible and can be wrapped around bottles and cans. ThermaFreeze provides unparalleled cooling power, unlike any product on the market. See product information .pdf



TECHNICAL ATTRIBUTES Wet Ice Dry Ice Ice Gel Packs Thermafreeze
Hazardous or Toxic Materials ? No Yes No No
Significant Advance in Shipping Technology ? No No No Yes
25% Longer Frozen Times Under Same Conditions ? No No No Yes

Technical Information.pdf

HANDLING ATTRIBUTES Wet Ice Dry Ice Ice Gel Packs Thermafreeze
Flexible When Frozen ? No No No Yes
Easy to Handle, Freeze and Use ? No No No Yes
Dry to the Touch When Thawed ? No No No Yes
Liquid Mess When Thawed ? Yes No No No
Efficient Outbound ? No No No Yes

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Product Info | Material Safety Data Sheet | Technical Info | FDA guideline 21 CFR compliance + How to use







ice chill gel packs Chilled reusable ice packs
ice chill gel packs Chilled Ice gel packs are long lasting and durable
ice chill gel packs Chilled Ice gel packs are designed to last for years
ice chill gel packs Chilled Ice gel packs are 100% safe non-toxic environment-friendly
ice chill gel packs Chilled Ice gel packs have convenient - rapid re-freezing ability.















































































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