An immediate Dedicated chilled frozen and refrigerated courier Service

Eskimo Express is possibly the largest DEDICATED multi-temperature controlled courier service in the UK. We have been operating courier services with the same owners/directors since 1986. Whether you require Chilled Courier deliveries, a Frozen Courier service, Dual temperature courier transport or even a Heated delivery service, Eskimo Express is there to get your goods to the right place, at the right time and at the correct temperature!

We operate a Same Day, dedicated temperature controlled courier service from our base near Heathrow airport using our (ATP Certified Vehicles).With our satellite tracked, dedicated temperature controlled courier vehicles, we can service the UK and mainland Europe. Our dual temperature courier vehicles are fitted with 2 temperature monitors and can take up to 5 pallets or up to 1,200Kgs. Refrigerated Couriers available 24/7.


Customers can monitor the progress of their delivery in real time by accessing the website with our password. This will show position, speed and load area temperatures. We can also offer a next day sample service using Thermafreeze ice packs, for which we are the European Distributor. This can provide a cost effective and reliable method of refrigerated and frozen next day delivery. See Service information .pdf



Food, Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Medical and Healthcare.
24/7/365 refrigerated courier service available
Dedicated, Single or Multi-Drop
Loads up to 5 pallets or up to 1,200Kgs
Customer's Security Tags or Seals can be fitted. Time Sensitivel Immediate Deliveries.
Chilled, Frozen, Ambient, Heated or Dual Temperature controlled refrigerated Couriers.
ATP Certified Vehicles/Transport
Samples or Pallet loads from
-25 to +25 degrees.
UK and International service.
Dual temperature Monitors fitted to all vehicles
Fully auditable transportation.
Satellite Tracked - Customer can Monitor Online
Based between Heathrow and Gatwick Airports

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Eskimo Express Distributors for Thermafreeze UK Ice Gel Packs

Thermafreeze UK - Thermafreeze Eire - Thermafreeze Begium - Thermafreeze France
Thermafreeze Germany - Thermafreeze Luxembourg - Thermafreeze Netherlands

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